FICCI Healthcare Award 2017

Award Received for Skill Development

  • Only NGO hospital training home healthcare givers
  • 100% assured placement
  • Youth Empowerment
Dr. Ajay Sankhe, Director (1st from Right), Dr. K. Venkataramanan, Director – Projects & Program (2nd  from Left) and Mr. G. Venkatraman, Manager – Projects & Resources (3rd from Left) of Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute receiving FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2017 for Skill Development from the hands of Ms. Anupriya Patel, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Health (2nd  from Right), Dr. Sowmya Swaminathan, Secretary DHR and Director General ICMR (3rd from Right) at Le Meridien, New Delhi on 17th August 2017.


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