An Effort towards Healthy India


As per WHO report, India ranks lowest in provision of quality healthcare to children in the world.

Poor hygiene, low literacy, poverty and inequality has compounded the problem & it has posed a huge challenge in providing adequate healthcare facilities to children in India.

School Health Check-up is an important preventive measure under Primary Health Care during which following purposes are served.

  • Major illness can be identified and timely treated
  • Selective Health problems such as refractory errors, disability etc. which interfere with the child’s performance can be corrected at earliest.
  • Healthy habits to improve the lifestyle can be inculcated by imparting Health Education of important aspects.
  • Important Health Messages like Healthful living, proper nutrition, messages on Immunization,
  • Pulse Polio, Water borne diseases, use of ORS etc. can reach each household through students.

The above issues ultimately help in reducing morbidity & mortality in student groups as well as local community. In addition, regular, sustained school health examinations help to build a sound foundation for students future.

Bhaktivedanta Hospital conducts health check-up camps to offer quality healthcare & medical facilities to the Municipal School Children wherein disorders/diseases are identified at an early stage & children are offered with preventive & curative remedies in a holistic manner.

During the year 2017-18, 4955 children were screened for various health ailments.